Jana and I are a team. We have been that way since elementary school. I visualize and she makes it happen! We share a common goal – always trying to view things from our clients’ perspective.

Given the insecurities any woman who has gone through pregnancy has experienced, we wondered how we could make a mom-to-be feel most comfortable during a photography session. And when my focus is on freezing the moment, we worried about losing focus on the ever-important newborn. The solution became quite obvious. Who better to care for my clients than Jana, an amazing mother and a natural with children of all ages. So, we pooled our collective talents together, and Team Photos By Sri AND Jana was born.

Jana and I have a yin and yang chemistry when working on a photo shoot. We anticipate each other’s thoughts and needs, often without uttering any words. Jana is the creative director, intuitively guiding pregnant moms-to-be, making them feel sexy and beautiful and bringing out their inner confidence. Her background as a pediatric physical therapist and knack for working with children helps put both the baby and the new parents at ease during baby photo sessions. As the photographer, my job is to capture that beauty, glow and confidence and artfully transform them into the finished piece - a stunning photograph that everyone is proud of. Together, our highest priority is to create a distinctive and unforgettable experience for our clients. For us, photography has always been more about creating special moments for families and ensuring that they are enjoying themselves during the process. A beautiful photo as a result is just icing on the cake.

Check out our interview on NBC (Channel 5) ,ABC (Channel 7) and CBS (Channel 2).

Read what clients say about us on Google. It has been overwhelmingly positive: moms-to-be love the unique experience and new parents absolutely appreciate the care and calmness that we embrace them with. We invite you into our studio to create your own special moments…and you can be sure we won’t let you leave until we are certain you are completely happy.